OuiCar Car rental

Beginning date
Full Stack Developer


OuiCar is a company that allows customers to rent their own car. They so can register their car in the system and, on the other side, customers can search and book the car they want.

I've been working first with the front end team of 5 on implementing the new API on a React / Redux-saga plugged to a GraphQL isomorphic stack.

Then I mainly worked with the back end team of 5 on the Elasticsearch based search engine providing an API done in NodeJS with Koa. The engine integrated basic catalog search criteria and a complex geocoding combined with reviews relevance scoring.

I've also worked on the Symfony 3 car catalog engine backed by a MySQL database hosted on AWS RDS.

All our processes were following the scrum agile methodology.

Stack : AWS SNS/SQS, RDS, ElasticCache, ElasticSearch, Docker, PHP/Symfony3, MySQL, React/Redux-saga.