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Dresden Partners is an IT Consulting company based in Mexico city and San Francisco. I've worked on different projects, for US and Mexican companies, first as a developer, then as a project manager.

I've worked with a team of 2 designers, 3 mobile developers and 2 web developers.

As project example I've worked on the Eweclid education mobile application API with a MySQL database, a NodeJS back end and a BackboneJS front end.

I've also worked on the Evamerc customer satisfaction analytics dashboard using a PHP/Symfony2 back end and some HighchartJS quircks.

Also some events landing pages with NodeJS MongoDB for the Sensis cultural agency.

Ultimately I've worked on an appliance to the ADOMovil project tender which resulted in us winning the market. ADO is the biggest customer transportation company of Mexico and I made all project projection and deliverable plan for the mobile application.

Stack : AWS, Nodejitsu, Mysql, MongoDB, NodeJS, C# ASP.NET MVC, PHP/Symfony2 BackboneJS, HighchartJS, Telerik